It all started with wanting to know how to bake macarons. I bought a whisk, some powdered sugar, almond flour, and eggs trying to make those finicky desserts. Armed with various recipes, I tried for months attempting to achieve the perfect macaron. Tired of constantly failing at that, I've since moved on and have made everything from lavender chocolate espresso cakes, passionfruit marshmallows, salted caramel marshmallow toasted brownies, fresh baked lavender bread, unicorn fudge, honeycomb, earl grey lollipops, misugaru cheesecake, and more - all from complete scratch!

It's pretty lonely to spend hours in the kitchen and so to combat the loneliness, I decided to stream my baking process with strangers and friends via the internet. I talk about techniques, best practices, and also mistakes I make and how I fix them.

Baking is truly an art and it's an honor to share that with the greater public.

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