Newsletter - Ellie S.

Why am I creating a newsletter to tell you, my dear friends, what's going on in my life?


I've been finding that Facebook's surfacing algorithm kind of sucks and there's a lot of things I want to share with friends in my attempt at keeping people involved in my life that I feel uncomfortable shouting in the Black Algorithm Hole of Facebook, or in the public forum of Instagram with it's own Black Algorithm Hole.

With this newsletter, I plan on updating you on my overall Mission(s) In Lifeā„¢, how I've been doing emotionally, mentally, physically, etc., and to also share photos, interesting tidbits of my life, and to create a venue where you can feel comfortable talking to me and creating opportunities to spend time with each other. I also want to use the newsletter to be real with my life and to share what I've been struggling with, be it depression, loneliness, or other things like that.

This is, essentially, my attempt at making a wider support team. I hope you join on so I can also provide that support to you too. :) 

Ellie's Email Edition Newsletter

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Why am I asking for your phone number? In case I want to text or call you to make meetup plans! It's totally up to you if you want to include it.

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