If you'd like to commission me to take photos, please get in touch at!

General Photo Shoot Guidelines & Policies

○ I do not provide physical copies of photographs at this time.

○ If you have ideas for a location,  type of shoot, and poses you'd like, that's great! Letting me know beforehand will help me prep for a focused photo shoot for you!

○ Photo shoots generally take 45 minutes to one hour. Longer bookings are available upon request.

○ Not sure what to wear? No worries! I suggest neutral colors or a fall palette. Strong colors are generally too attention-taking and detract from the subject. I also suggest staying away from black or white but if your mind is really set, I can always work around those colors!

○ If you use my photos on social media, I ask that you please do not crop my watermark out of the photo. Also better yet - please tag me on social media! Info is located below.

○ The photographer is not liable for any injury that you may sustain during a photo shoot. This is especially true for sports photography. If you are uncomfortable at any time for any reason, please let the photographer know. Your safety is our concern and we want to make sure you do not take on more risk than you are comfortable with.

○ Policies and guidelines can change without notice.

○ Photographs that are used in commercial purposes must have consent by the photographer.

○ All photos taken by me, the photographer, during a photo shoot are under copyright. 

Paid Photo Shoots 

○ Portrait photography session - $100/hour

Event photography session - $150/hour

○ You will get a minimum of 10 high quality, minimally retouched photos without a watermark and a lower quality set with a watermark. If you'd also like some additional retouches, I take general retouching feedback for a set of photos up to two times. 

○ When booking a paid photo shoot, please keep in mind that the prices are inclusive of 3+ hours of editing, storage costs, and transportation fees

○ The costs may be adjusted depending on different factors.

○ For more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch!


No Charge Photo Shoots

Here are some things to keep in mind prior to booking a no-charge photo shoot:

○ I do not photograph events under the no-charge photo shoot. If you would like me to shoot events for you, please get in touch!

○ If you have ideas of what kind of photos you'd like to get taken of you, please let me know. If you're unsure, contact me and I can give you a list of things that may spark some ideas for you. The more unique requests you have, the more likely I will accept doing a no charge photo shoot with you!

○ Digital photographs provided to you after a no-charge shoot are a lower quality and have my watermark.

○ If you'd like higher resolution digital copies of the collection of photos I send to you after a no charge shoot that also do not bear my watermark, there is a fee of $100 (for the entire album).

○ As these are based on time I volunteer, I reserve the right to cancel a photo shoot at any time and for any reason.

○ Photos taken during a no-charge photo shoot may be used on my portfolio and on my social media.

○ Photographs will be available online via cloud storage for up to 30 days and may be taken down after that without notice.

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