Shortie Gear & Apparel Reviews

I struggle ALL the time, trying to find clothing that fits me without the need to hem it. As great as it is to climb with only leggings, sometimes I need pockets or want something that doesn’t snag while I’m climbing, or that is built for various backpacking and outdoor scenarios.

One of my biggest gripe with other bloggers who recommend apparel is that they don’t really acknowledge that their body measurements may be different than someone else who is considering the apparel. To curtail this, bloggers and gear reviewers generally focus on features of the product and quality of materials which is good in it's own respects! But if you’re someone whose body type isn’t the typical 5'6" slender athletic body type, it’s hard to get a gauge on how legitimate the fit would be for you.

So my apparel and gear reviews are focusing on what fits my body type. If your body type is similar to mine, then great! My reviews hopefully will give you guidance on what may also work for your body.

None of these have affiliate links; I am also not paid or sponsored in any way by any of the companies/products I review unless explicitly stated otherwise. I honestly review them based on how much I use and enjoy them.

With that being said, here are my body measurements. You can use these to determine if my gear reviews are a good fit for what you’re looking for.

Height: 4'10" // 147 cm

Weight: 97-105 lbs // 44 - 48 kg

Shoulder: 15 in // 38 cm

Bust: 31.5 in // 80 cm

Arm Length: 16.5 // 42 cm

Waist: 25.5 - 26 in // 66 cm

Low Waist: 31 in // 79 cm (waistband of low rise pants)

Hip: 34 in // 86 cm

Thigh: 19.5 // 50 cm

Inseam: 24 in // 61 cm

As a very petite woman, I have a unique perspective and struggles as I explore the world. Follow my adventures as I dive into logistics, gear, and other things that no one else tells you about.

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