Climbing at Salt Point State Park

Climbing at Salt Point State Park

Photo credit: Kevin Huang // @hd_mouse

Product: Toad & Co Flextime Skinny Pant

Price: $85

Details: (from the website)

     ◘ Water friendly

     ◘ Quick-dry

     ◘ Comfort stretch

     ◘ UPF 50+

     ◘ bluesign® approved fabric

     ◘ FlexForm Waistband Technology

     ◘ Fixed waist with button closure

     ◘ Welted back pockets

     ◘ Skinny fit 30.5" inseam

Fabric: 96% Nylon 4% Elastane


Flextime Skinny Pant


These pants used to be my go-to pants. Climbing indoors and outdoors, backpacking, hiking, going to the office, you name it - I wore it everywhere. In the past, they only had size 2 pants which were great for a while. Recently, they've added a size 0 to their size collection which I've had the opportunity to try out. I've owned a total of 5 pairs of these pants, 3 of which were their first iteration of the pants in size 2, and 2 of which are fairly new and in size 0. 

Overall, there are quite a few cons with these pants but overall, I do highly recommend them, as the main issue I have with them can be remedied with alterations.


The fit is incredibly flattering. I love skinny pants because usually it bunches up enough at the ankle where it doesn't need to be hemmed. It also hugs and smooths out the silhouette of the legs which is incredible!

The material and construction of these pants are incredibly resilient - I've smeared my entire body all over slab climbs with micro crystals and these have never snagged. Some stitches from the knee line has blown but you can hardly notice it and nothing has really come undone.

It dries really quickly so if you're doing an activity where you are sweating quite a bit, there isn't any issue. When I wear it backpacking, I hardly notice any sweat accumulation which is a huge plus for me.


The knee areas are low for where they sit on my legs. They have this straight knee stitch that comes right at the top of my knee. This means that I'll occasionally have to pull up that seam above my knee in order to do a high foot move when I climb. The size 0 knee space also seems smaller than the size 2 so sometimes I feel especially restricted when doing a stretchy move.

The size 0's leg opening is also quite small and so occasionally when I try to take the pants off, it gets stuck at my foot and I have to finagle my foot out.

Price wise, they are on the high end but considering I wear these pants everywhere and anywhere, it's really worth continuing to own 1 or 2 of these at a time.

The waistbands of the pants stretch quite a bit after about 10 washes which is really disappointing. After a while, the butt area also begins to stretch after use and the pants end up sliding off after a lot of wears. The size 2 pants lasted 2 years of hard wear until I couldn't bear how loose they were. The size 0 waistband lasted me about 2 months until they ended up getting so loose that I considered returning them. Ultimately, I love the pants so much that I'll end up likely getting the waistband altered to be brought about an inch in. When I first bought the pants, they fit perfectly so the waistband is honestly the most disappointing thing about these pants.


     Overall: 4.1/5

     Fit - Length: 4.5/5

     Fit - Waist: 3/5

     Aesthetics: 5/5

     Durability: 5/5

     Flexibility: 3.5/5

     Comfort: 4/5

     Cost: 4/5

Size Chart:

Size 0:


     Waist: 25 in

     Hip: 35 in

     Inseam: 30 in

* they don't actually have size 0 on their sizing chart so I'm inferring this based on the other size numbers


     Waist: 27.5 in

     Hip: 35 in

     Inseam: 30 in

** note that they don't actually have this size on their website so this is taken directly from my worn, stretched out pants

Size 2:***

     Waist: 26 in

     Hip: 36 in

     Inseam: 30.5 in

*** taken directly from their website; these specs are from unworn, not yet stretched out pants

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